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“Alexander’s Lost World”, SBS ONE, starting this Sunday July 20th, 2014

2,300 years ago Alexander The Great became the first European to rule the East. In 334BC he discovered a highly developed civilization along the banks of the mighty Oxus River. Shot on location in inaccessible, dangerous and war ravaged areas, this six part series follows Australian photojournalist and director David Adams on an epic 7000km journey from Greece to the borders of China to follow the trail of Alexander The Great.


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Dr Maya Angelou – “Love Liberates”


Dr Maya Angelou, the well respected author and civil rights activist speaks so eloquently in this video about the true power of love.

She passed a couple of days ago, May 28, 2014. Read more about this amazing woman.

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Alexander’s Lost World now available in North America

Camel fights Navroz (Spring Festival) Tournament, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

Camel fights Navroz (Spring Festival) Tournament, Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan


Great news for those adventurers in North America. Our most recent 6 part documentary, Alexander’s Lost World, is now showing in the US through American Public Television.

The DVD set of the series is also available, only to North America Region 1 through – Amazon; Barnes & Noble and Acorn.

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“Journeys” Series Back on Foxtel History Australia & New Zealand

Journeys to the ends of the Earth

Journeys to the ends of the Earth

Journeys to the Ends of the Earth – Screens on Foxtel History Channel – Australia & NZ every Tuesday at 730pm and Sunday 830pm right through February, March and April. Originally commissioned by the Discovery Channel, this 13 part series was driven by the motto, “If Marco Polo were alive today, where would he go?”

For those of you who live elsewhere remember you can see “ Journeys” online, anytime when you join  David Adams Films.

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Vale Victor Sarianidi, the great Russian Archeologist

Vale Russian Archeologist

Vale Russian Archeologist

Viktor Sarianidi , who has died aged 84, was a Russian archaeologist who found himself starring in his own Indiana Jones adventure when he unearthed six burial mounds at Tillya Tepe on the plains north of the Turkmenistan mountains in the historical region of Bactria, northern Afghanistan.

The graves — of five women and one man — contained almost 22,000 gold artefacts which had remained undisturbed for more than 2,000 years. Sarianidi made his discovery in 1978 when he was looking for sites from the much earlier Bronze Age.

The identity of the graves’ occupants is disputed. Possibly they were Sakas, a nomadic steppe people known to the ancient Greeks as Scythians, who roamed across huge swathes of Central Asia and had overthrown the Greco-Bactrian empire in the second century BC. In any case, the grave goods testify to the richness of a culture, straddling the Silk Route, which borrowed from the civilisations with which it came into contact, from the Chinese and Indians to the Parthian civilisation of Iran and Greece.

The year 1978 was not the most auspicious for an archaeologist, let alone a Russian archaeologist, to make such a discovery in Afghanistan. The country was sliding towards a civil war sparked by a Soviet-backed communist coup the previous year. In 1979 the Soviet Union would send troops into Afghanistan, initiating a war against the Western-backed Mujahideen which lasted for nine brutal years.

Sarianidi recalled that in the days before the first items were uncovered in late 1978, he and his Afghan workmen had been surprised by a group of armed tribesmen charging towards them on horseback “like sand devils off the desert”. The workmen begged him not to reveal what they had been doing, fearing they might be shot.

Extract from the UK Telegraph. Read More of this fascinating history. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/10564751/Viktor-Sarianidi-obituary.html

Viktor Sarianidi, born September 23 1929, died December 23 2013

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Keep Skateistan Rolling


Skateistan is an innovative, non profit organisation  set up by an Australian. They use skateboarding as a tool for empowering youth, to create new opportunities and the potential for change. They connect youth and education through skateboarding in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the new Spitfire Wheels x Skateistan collaboration wheel. A portion of the proceeds from all sales go towards Skateistan’s activities in Afghanistan and Cambodia.

You can help spread the word about Skateistan, their activities and the latest Spitfire wheels! Share the video or post any of the images from our blog on Facebook or Instagram and tag #keepskateistanrolling and @skateistan.


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“Before They Pass Away “

Karo Tribe Ethiopia

Jimmy Nelson Karo Tribe – Ethiopia

“Before They Pass away”

British photographer Jimmy Nelson has travelled the world for three years, visiting 35 tribes in all five continents, to document their lives and customs before they disappear. His book, “‘Before They Pass Away” is a superb record of a “fast disappearing world”.

As it happens our next adventure is visiting some of the same tribes along the Omo River in Ethiopia, before a controversial dam changes their way of life forever.